What makes FR different from Those Other Guys?

Other fitness facilities generally fall into two categories:

  1. Open-membership gyms, which provide facility equipment access and group exercise classes.
  2. Class studios that provide group sessions, such as boot camps, and aerobic dance workouts.

We have found that these types of facilities fall short.

The membership-based facilities require a high level of individual motivation and often have an impersonal, intimidating atmosphere. While they may offer personal training, most gyms do not require accredited certifications, therefore quality is not guaranteed. Additionally, unless the personal training clients are motivated to complete additional workouts on their own, the results from their personal training sessions are diluted and slow-going.

The class studios and local boot camps often lack the personal attention and safety that is required for effective fitness. Most recently, the rise in popularity of high intensity training has brought about dangerous exercise practices. Often “boot camp” style workouts produce injuries, many of which ail participants for life. With challenging exercise, supervision is paramount and technical expertise essential.

Our unique approach offers the best of both worlds and, in effect, the best results!