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Welcome to Fitness [Re•Defined] - the Jupiter fitness gym that makes fitness fun & interesting. We are your reliable Palm Beach County experts to answer any questions you may have relating to Personal Trainers in Jupiter FL.  Along with helping answer fitness related questions we are also a full service Jupiter fitness facility and offer FR - our signature groundbreaking workouts that make fitness fun & interesting.

FR - This is Not Your Normal Gym or Boot Camp

Conventional gym memberships necessitate you to have the drive and determination to push yourself through your own workout in a setting that some may find impersonal or just a bit intimidating. On the other hand you can choose to work with the gym's in-house personal trainers for an extra cost but many fitness facilities don't require a uniform degree of accredation from trainers and the quality of training can vary greatly.

How about the other fitness alternative? Lately "boot camps" have been showing up in warehouses or parking lots throughout the country? These bootcamp workouts demand super high-intensity and without constant monitoring & professional supervision - this high intensity can result in injuries.

At Fitness [Re•Defined] - we can offer the greatest of both worlds. Exercise that is engineered to be highly effectual yet safe, fun and inspiring. It all starts with highly trained and credentialed instructors.

The trainers at Fitness [Re•Defined] hold the nation's highest-level official certifications and have been carefully trained in a safe, effective and time-tested system of training by veteran fitness educator, Gary Lavin, CSCS.

Transform Your Body in Only 30 Minutes

The "magic" behind FR's signature class format is in our coaching cues and expertly-trained and credentialed instructors who produce results for you in far less time (Only 30 minutes per workout)! The benefit of the abbreviated sessions is instead of "saving up" intensity for an entire 60 minutes, participants get right down to the most effective movements that rapidly transform their bodies from head to toe.

Our training system delivers real-life results that go above and beyond physical transformation. Using personal training workout sessions and exhilarating group classes - we feature a unique blend of the best workout and body-sculpting practices in the fitness industry to keep YOU having a blast and coming again for more!

The Most Qualified Local Fitness Trainers

While a lawyer can not refer to herself as such without graduating from law school and passing the BAR exam, almost anyone can pay a fee and pass a basic test and call himself a personal trainer.

We only get one body in this life and it has to last us a long time. Is your body in the hands of a reliable fitness expert? At Fitness Re-defined, you can rest assured that your fitness instructor has the highest qualifications in the field and has finished a demanding training progression in our exclusive, time-tested system.

FR Team Trainers also operate under the guidance of fitness veterans Gary and Marissa Lavin. Gary & Marissa are not only the local experts they have also been featured on the national level in magazine and news publications, corporate meetings and industry conventions.

Workouts Specifically Matched to Exceed Your Goals

Look around. How many others are exactly like you? Our end goals may be similar, "to lose weight," "go down a pants size," "get into a bikini," but should we all undertake the very same workout and same exercises? Shouldn't our individual needs be addressed to get the optimal from our workouts? At FR, we say ABSOLUTELY!

At Fitness [Re•defined] - we customize our services to fit each clients needs because decades of experience have taught us that a one-size-fits-all method doesn't exist. Accountability and inspiration are critical factors! We help you show up (the most important step!) and get the best workout possible in as little as 30 minutes!

A Community of Friends

Personal connections are leading priority at Fitness [Re•defined]. We strive to have insecurity, anxiety and judgment left at the front door. Fitness isn't always something we look forward to and as such it is important that the gym atmosphere gives us something to look forward to. 

To encourage these personal friendships and connections and enrich our fitness family, we create and participate in many community events including recreational kickball and softball leagues, walks/runs for a cause and other fun & rewarding events. 

Professional Health & Dietary Advice

Why do most of us experience a yo-yo effect with our results? Because we never truly commit to the idea of lifestyle change and choose to "diet" rather than learn real-life ways to integrate healthy eating and activity into our daily routines.

FR to the rescue! Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Nutrition Strategy sessions and our AMAZING semi-annual "60 Day Physique Re-definition Challenge" we have plenty of resources for you to keep your mind and body armed with the required tools to succeed.

Contact Us With Your Questions Regarding Personal Trainers in Jupiter FL or Any of the Following List of Classes & Services:

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  • Cardio [ re•invented ]
  • The Barre Workout [ re•defined ]
  • Metabolism [ re•invented ] - Super Results Boosting WorkoutBody Sculpting Workouts
  • The TABATA Protocol [ re•developed ] - The secret weapon fat blasting workout
  • Stretch [ RE•ACTIVATE ] - The Fitness Fountain of Youth
  • Personal Training with Highly Qualified Instructors
  • Endurance Training
  • Prenatal Fitness
  • Kids Fitness
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Fitness [Re•Defined] serves the greater Northern Palm Beach County FL area including: Jupiter FL, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Stuart FL, Juno Beach FL, North Palm Beach FL, Riviera Beach FL, West Palm Beach FL, Royal Palm Beach FL & Beyond.

We invite you to experience the FR difference today. Jupiter or any other fitness related questions.

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