At Fitness [Re·defined] we are dedicated to ensuring every client receives the most comprehensive and consistent expertise in training and class supervision.  Beyond small class size, each member of the FR Team is extensively trained to get it right, unique to each client, every time. Meet the FR Team!



HOBBIES WHEN NOT RE•DEFINING? Horses and endurance sports. Michele and her husband have competed in numerous triathlons, half and full marathons. In 2012, they completed the “Goofy Race and a Half Challenge” at Disney World; a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. They hope to accomplish longer challenges in the future! Michele lives on her own farm with two horses, four cats, two T.D.I. dogs and her husband Darren.

FAVORITE FR WORKOUT YOU LOVE TO HATE? F[r] Metabolism. Great results in a short period of time, but 40 seconds has never lasted so long!




HOBBIES WHEN NOT RE•DEFINING? Fishing in beautiful South FL and working out.

FAVORITE FR WORKOUT YOU LOVE TO HATE? Super legs, single leg squats, chisel, pretty much anything Mike makes me do. (haha)




HOBBIES WHEN NOT RE•DEFINING? I enjoy time at the beach with my dog, paddle boarding, taking the boat out for a cruise and fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, spending quality time with friends and family and staying active in and outside the gym.

FAVORITE FR WORKOUT YOU LOVE TO HATE? Tabata... Love the intervals and the quick short bursts of high intensity. Kicks my butt everytime but I love the way I feel afterwards.




HOBBIES WHEN NOT RE•DEFINING?  I'm an avid cyclist and a passionate downhill skier.   I also enjoy going to the movies,  spending time with my kids, especially volleyball tournaments with my daughter and seeing as many Dave Matthews shows as I can! 

FAVORITE FR WORKOUT YOU LOVE TO HATE? Fit moves for sure...  I'm compelled to really push myself to the edge. Leg day has to be on the list as well!