TEST-DRIVE Fitness [Re·defined] for a week of three classes for just $19!

About Us

Hi!  We are Marissa + Gary Lavin. Our passion for elite functional fitness, training optimization and nutrition is what brought us together and is what we share every day with our clients. We are form, fitness and nutrition experts, but also real, working professionals who understand the need for effective fitness that fits a busy life. 

Seeing our Fitness Re·defined family thrive through fitness, training and wellness knowledge is what drives and inspires us, along with our two beautiful young sons.  


What We Do

Quality and connection define us. Formmind-body alignment, and community are what define our workouts. Rather than being the biggest or most famous, we are completely dedicated to being the BEST at helping clients achieve results and maximize every area of their lives that strength, alignment and health mastery touches. 


Our Philosophy

What's in a name? Everything! At Fitness [Re•defined] we walk, talk, live and are continually refining the lifestyle we endorse. We encourage, coach and inspire anyone who will listen, and invite everyone who is ready to reach a new level of fitness to join us.  

It's about QUALITY over quantity.  Through our elite dance and endurance training backgrounds, and in-depth education in functional movement, we have firsthand experience with the most specialized training out there.  We are bringing the highest level of professional attention in form and efficiency to the rest of the world. 30 minutes is all we need to help people who want to feel, move and live like fitness champions... + have a family, profession and time to live a life they love.  



That's right, we said 30 minutes!

Whether a class - Barre, Meta, Tabata, Body, BarreCycle, Role + Restore -  or a personal training session, we maximize every minute to achieve measurable, sustainable results for life!


Why We Do What We Do. 

We have invested our own time and resources into the top training, wellness and nutrition degrees and industry certifications. Our mission is to maximize our knowledge and passion for YOUR quality of life. 

We believe in changing the world for health and happiness one client and life at a time - parents, executives, young professionals, retirees, former athletes, current young athletes, even kids.

Are you wanting fitness that defines you? Heals you? For life?

Welcome to Fitness [Re•defined].   

Let's Get Started.

Reach out!  We are ready to meet you right at your unique place on this journey.  No two people are identical, neither are their needs - neither are our workouts client to client. 

Contact us today. We are ready to help you thrive.

Every great change happens in a moment. Contacting us is the first step, and if not now, when?  We are here to help you attain and SUSTAIN your best... and live a life you LOVE!