Gary is an instructor of instructors and a coach of coaches… a top-tier trainer in every way. His expert advice, drawn from years of experience as a writer, presenter, consultant and practitioner in the fitness industry, has led thousands to experience life changing results and performance success.

Your fitness journey with Gary begins with an in-depth fitness assessment. His intuitive ability to analyze movement patterns and to detect structural inconsistencies ensures that the program will include only the safest and most targeted exercises and protocols.

Gary works on long term results by giving his clients a plan involving multiple facets, including a one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from the best features of many different movement forms to keep training progressive and fun. Beyond his high-level credentials and experience, what is most unique about Gary is his passion for personal training and fitness. For Gary, training is a labor of love, propelled by his enthusiasm and zest for a high quality of life. Test your limits and discover with Gary the unending enjoyment and benefit that comes with life-long fitness. Show him how far you are willing to go!

Hobbies when not re•defining?

Riding my bike, lifting in my new gym, throwing a ball for my dog Willie and family down time with my wife and sons, Griffin and Tristan. Also love spouting out movie quotes and song lyrics, constantly and unsolicited, as I am the King of random music and movie knowledge. (Sorry G, your wife is the website editor and couldn’t help but add that in 😉 )

Favorite FR workout you love to hate?

Hands down, F[r] Metabolism. I love endurance cardio but fat loss is all about the short term interval training. You know a workout is hard when you find riding 50 miles easier than a 25 minutes of work!



Marissa began her career in the fitness industry well before her first class at the Fitness Institute International. Suffering from terrible body image issues growing up as a dancer and performer, Marissa has intimately encountered the frustrations, confusion and dangers of the weight loss and fitness fad roller coaster. For Marissa, her health and lifestyle took a sharp turn for the better as she studied the science and application of personal training under nationally renowned educators; among them, her future business partner and husband, Gary Lavin.

She graduated from the Fitness Institute and moved to Washington D.C. in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Maternal and Child Health. During graduate school, Marissa founded her own personal training company, reworking learned techniques and fitness tools to better serve the needs of her target clientele, women. The combination of private training and group classes featuring high levels of supervision, transformed her clients’ bodies more quickly, efficiently and safely than she had ever witnessed or personally experienced.

After graduation, Marissa decided to move back to South Florida to reunite with her family and further her aspirations to change the lives of others. She joined forces with Gary Lavin to build an inviting and inspiring fitness community providing only the most necessary and effective tools for those who find themselves lost in the fitness industry’s mess of mixed messages, empty promises, dangerous advice and disappointing results. Looking back to the thousands of pounds and inches lost, healthy babies born and lives empowered by health knowledge in Fitness Re-defined’s first few years in business, Marissa is moved beyond words and inspired to continue to offer her company’s system of success to her neighbors in Palm Beach County.

Hobbies when not re•defining?

Chasing after and singing with my two little rascals, Griffin and Tristan, hanging out with my hubby, Gary and first baby, Willie (the dog), dancing (though I don’t do it nearly enough), watching trashy reality TV (Housewives obsessed!) and experimenting with (flavorful) cooking according to the “re•defined” clean eating rules.

Favorite FR workout you love to hate?

The F[r] Barre hurts, but it totally reshapes your legs and butt. I’ve taken ballet barre fitness classes in many cities; of course I am biased, but our Barre class is the best because you can run, but you can’t hide in a small class! Our moves were based on how real bodies function, not just dancers’, and the extra attention to detail from the instructor makes a world of difference ;-).