MATT [Re·defined] Professional Man


What brought you to Fitness Re·Defined?

My Dr. told me I needed to get myself straight. I was overweight and my cholesterol and triglycerides and BP were skyrocketing. I couldn't sleep well. I was also commissioned as an officer in the Navy Reserves and needed to get in shape. I came into Fitness [Re·defined] at 215 pounds believing I could reach 190, at best. I now live comfortably at 178 lbs.

nutrition tip

Drink less. Eat smart and more often. I was drinking too much wine so I cut it out and switched to drinking vodka in moderation. I switched to Starbucks unsweetened green tea and drink black coffee instead of a Frappuccino. I don’t even like cream and sugar anymore. I also learned to eat small meals more often in order to get my metabolism up. Now I eat throughout the day instead of a big lunch and dinner. I also reach for healthy snacks like nuts instead of chips. The team at F[r] wants to see everyone succeed and thrive and they know how to make it happen!

workout you love to hate

Timed metabolic intervals. My heart rate goes through the roof and it takes the most mental effort to continue. I know how good it feels when I am done so I stick with it!