Starting Point


We know Fitness [Re•defined] works - we want you to know it for yourself, along your own re•definition journey.  To do that, we need to know where we are really starting.

Get Moving

Classes are at the heart of Fitness [Re•defined's] exercise science.

It is what breeds community.  It is tailored for differing mobility specialties and helps us continually evaluate, in small groups, proper form plus alignment for maximized outcomes and MOTION for LIFE.

Re·Defined Training

Train to live the life you love.

Just like our classes, Fitness [Re•defined]'s personalized training is optimized through 30 minute sessions that WORK, training you to live long and strong through proper movement and form that shapes you. 


Mind, Body + Emotional connection training and education. 

Whether in group or individual meetings, learn the psychology and "why's" of self sabotage or new, positive responses and choices in place of broken ones that don't serve you or your goals.