When was the last time you had a coach?

About four years ago, I volunteered to coach my sons' baseball team. Never before was I exposed to so many dads. As you may already know from first hand experience, the ball field is a place that can bring out the best in the kids but the worst in us, the dads. It occurred to me that the boys had coaches for everything. Pitching coaches, batting coaches, first base coach, third base coach , well you get the idea. But who was coaching us? The dad's struggling to keep it together. Excel at the job, be a caring and compasionate spouse, quality time with the kids. I know it's a lot because it's my life too! If you're interested in thriving and not just surviving, just click to button below and let's start talking.

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  • Are you struggling as a partner?

  • Is life always happening to you?

  • Can't fix her anxiety?

  • Is being a dad more stress than joy?

  • Is the Job full of hassle and drama?

  • Strength and energy left the building?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions, then not only are you like me, you're just like thousands of other men out there. As a coach, I've walked this path myself. I understand the challenges and transformations that come with personal development within a relationship. Challenging norms and being true to your self is one of the most difficult journeys in life.

Welcome to Fitness Redefined. I help men whose life partners have started on a personal development/life coaching journey with navigating the confusion, uncertainty and change this brings to your life/relationship through my holistic approach to wellness. My system is based on the idea that we, as men, don't need to be saved or rescued, but instead armed with the knowledge of our own power and how to access it. Using the latest brain science, understanding how the central nervous system functions and how your emotions are actually informing you will allow you to possess greater confidence and clarity moving forward in life.

Having experienced this journey myself gives me specific insight into the challenges and opportunities it presents. I use my personal experience to offer a unique perspective and empathetic guidance to those navigating similar paths. Are you ready for a change? Just click on the button below to get started today!

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" -Wayne Dyer

Coaching Re-defined

Support during transitions

Accountability and Clarity

Mindset Transformation

Customized approach

Fitness Re-defined

Physical well being and mental health

Stress reduction

Enhanced confidence

Customized program

Transformative Personal development is my everyday mission

I will empower you to define your vision for holistic health, reshape your mindset, and show you how to achieve sustainable well-being, ultimately fostering greater confidence, clarity, and resilience in your life.

Our principles

  • Holistic Wellness

  • Personalized Guidance

  • Mindset Transformation

  • Empathy and Understanding

  • Accountability and Clarity

  • Integration for Science and Practice

Don't cling to a mistake just because it took you a long time to make it!

-Aubrey DeGraf

About Me

Gary Lavin, BS, CSCS

My story begins where all stories begin, at the beginning. But for your sake, I'll start in the middle. In 1994 I shut down my electrical contracting business and went back to college. I had recently fallen in love with fitness and learned I could actually get a degree in Exercise Science. After graduating (with honors), I teamed up with fitness mogul, Juan Carlos Santana, and developed what would become the Institute of Human Performance, the mecca of Functional Training. Almost immediately I began touring nationally presenting at conferences and developing my own philosophies on fitness as well as life. By 2008, I felt it was time for me to move on and grow. I moved to Jupiter, FL, to team up with my girlfriend (now my wife), Marissa Lysaght, and we opened our own successful venture, Fitness Redefined. Emphasizing functional strength development, I focused on balanced athletic skill and core stability.

As successful as our concept was, I still felt there was more. People were getting results, but rarely maintaining them. There must be another piece to this puzzle. That's when my personal development journey really took off. It began with reading (watching and listening as well). David Hawkins, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Robert Sapolsky and Gabor Mate just to name a few. Understanding the mind and emotions was my mission. Like the motor patterns that I had learned so much about in my fitness career, thought patterns were no different. If you want to change them, you'll have to train them and awareness is key that unlocks your potential. If any of my journey resonates with you, just click the button below and let's have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.


Training with Gary has been a life changing experience. Not only does he understand biomechanics and proper movement patterns, but he is also a life coach with an intimate understanding of how our central nervous system operates, the brain and emotions. Working out is easy, but working out in a safe and effective way, with an understanding of the mind, is what his niche is all about. This is true FUNCTIONAL TRAINING!

Dr. Christian Carlstrom, DC

I never had the motivation to work out regularly and had struggled with my dad bod for years. Working with Gary has truly been transformative for me. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, I am actually enjoying the process. Gary’s program always has new and challenging workouts and I look forward to going to the gym now. In addition, Gary's life coaching has helped me to be aware of my old patterns and be accountable for where I am and how I relate to the world around me. I still have some work to do but I look and feel better than I have in many years.

No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength which his body is capable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Transformation Session?

During a Transformation Session, we'll have a 1-hour comprehensive discussion about your vision for health and wellness. It includes a 15-minute mini workout to assess your physical state and identify any concerns. We'll discuss your goals and begin shaping a personalized path forward.

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How long are the coaching sessions, and how frequently do they occur?

Coaching sessions typically last one hour and are tailored to your needs. The frequency depends on your preferences and goals. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are common to maintain momentum and progress.

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What makes your coaching approach different?

My approach uses my 30 plus years of experience. I integrate brain science, emotional understanding, fitness, and mindset transformation. This holistic model is aimed at creating sustainable, long-lasting changes in health and wellness by addressing various interconnected aspects of life.

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What if I'm not very physically fit or have limitations?

The coaching is personalized to accommodate any fitness level or limiting issue. The mini workout during the Transformation Session is designed to identify concerns and adapt the plan accordingly, ensuring a safe and effective fitness journey.

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How do you address mindset and emotional aspects in coaching?

We delve into understanding emotions, identifying thought patterns, and reshaping beliefs that might hinder progress. Through discussions and techniques, we focus on creating a positive mindset and emotional resilience to support your wellness goals.

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What kind of support do you provide between coaching sessions?

I offer ongoing support between sessions through resources, tools, and guidance tailored to your needs. Additionally, you'll have access to materials and exercises to reinforce your progress.

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