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Marissa and Gary Lavin

Marissa and Gary Lavin have a combined 30 years in the fitness industry. Gary Lavin is a fore-runner in the field of functional movement.

After 10 years educating fitness professionals in the most practical + effective approaches to functional movement, he traded the conference circuit for a boutique gym that could provide clients the benefits of the education he delivered to his professional students. A gym that raised the bar of client service and expectations. He called it, Fitness Redefined.

Marissa was a student of Gary’s back in 2005. (feel free to giggle at the teacher/student cliche) After learning to view fitness and human movement from a new lens, Marissa instantly was hooked.

She suffered the residual effects of many injuries and physical limitations from practicing years of Ballet in her youth. Gary’s teachings sent her on a path to personal movement optimization. Upon completing her Master's degree in 2009, she moved her budding group training business down to sunny South Florida, joined forces with Gary and the rest is history.

Redefining industry standards

The F[r] difference

Fitness [re•defined] is quite literally a labor of love. Marissa and Gary share their love for healthy food, movement and lifestyle through their amazing staff members. Fitness [re•defined] has evolved into a healthy lifestyle institute rather than a gym. New trainees engage and invest in an extensive mentorship program prior to taking on clients.

Gary and Marissa strongly believe that knowledge drawn from practical experience in the trenches is more valuable than lessons in textbooks. While education and certification are highy valued, F[r]'s 4 P’s - passion, professionalism, practical learning and personality - combine to create truly excellent training coaches.

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We offer all new clients a free "getting to know you" meeting called a transformation session. Fitness [re.defined] clients all have a face, a name and a special role in our fitness f[r]amily. We'd love to meet you and learn about your unique place in your health journey so that we can deliver the best service possible while you are in our care.

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