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We believe clients can EXPECT MORE from fitness. Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless individuals place hopes and dollars into one fad and the next. These “quick-fix” efforts send them towards undernourishment + injury and away from the long-term, vibrant results they seek.

The health industry tells us that calories count most when it comes to our fitness and food efforts; however, 30+ years experience with THOUSANDS of clients have told another story.

The reality is, focusing on calories leads us to select short-term FITNESS + FOOD FIXES that ultimately fail in the long run. It’s a frustrating, repetitive cycle called, the YO-YO effect.

We've found that when clients direct their focus toward 4 KEY AREAS that influence health habits and behavior, their results become BOTH attainable AND sustainable.



Fitness [re.defined] is about moving for LIFE. As the saying goes, "Use it or Lose it." If we spin, we become good at spinning, if we walk, we get better at walking; but what if you want to feel better all around? Surely, there's more to our body's movement capacity, right? 

Absolutely! Fitness [re.defined] was created based on the principles of HUMAN MOVEMENT. We help our clients re•gain control of the way they look, feel + function.

Re•connect with messages from your body, whether pain + performance, tightness + mobility, strength + weakness. We'll teach you how to LISTEN + RESPOND.

Learn how to bring movement back into your life and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws your way!



At F[r], eating perfectly is not the goal. Enhancing your KNOWLEDGE about how foods can fuel your process or sabotage it + putting those lessons into PRACTICE, helps you stay on course long term.

The idea is to develop your own food ethos, a set of ethics that you truly BELIEVE in. We might cheat on our goals to get skinny, but most of us won't betray our deep, core values. At F[r], we support you through this process of self-discovery and experimentation. We are committed to keeping you on track with your personal health vision, inside + outside of the studio.

Before you jump on that next diet craze, shake, pill or potion, remember one important thing: No matter WHAT you do or HOW you do it, it's a clear, well-supported WHY that keeps you in it!



At the beginning of a new program, we are full of excitement - charged up for the journey and ready to see some results! The problem? No matter how groundbreaking or effective our health program is, our EMOTIONAL MINDSET always steers the course.

Ever wondered WHY DIETS and exercise programs HAVEN'T STUCK in the past? Research in the field of epigenetics now proves that the way we approach challenges and new behaviors is pre-programmed into us as early as in the womb. How we tackle weight loss (or any life scenario) is set by our genetics, experiences + environment.

SO wonder no more! Our relationship with our mind and emotions makes or breaks our efforts AND outcomes. At F[r], we are constantly checking in and PROVIDING TOOLS to help you stay in the emotional place that will keep you on track to achieve your health dreams!



Cellulite and chronic pain are connected? Yes!  Too much movement or not enough, combined with our hunched posture as we interact with our tech devices, leaves our bodies needing regular care in order to HEAL and MOVE WELL.

Targeted myofascial therapies have the potential to fix PAIN + PROBLEM AREAS, unlocking trapped fat, nerves and blood and lymph vessels. These therapies can loosen tangled areas and kinks in the kinetic chain, attracting nourishing blood flow to boost healing + remodeling the struggling soft tissue.

What does this mean for you? Chiseled muscles + smooth skin, instead of lumps + bumps - relief from sciatica, wrist pain, shoulder issues, neck tension and the migraines, fatigue, brain fog and other chronic issues that keep you from your workouts and your RESULTS!

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We offer all new clients a free "getting to know you" meeting called a transformation session. Fitness [re.defined] clients all have a face, a name and a special role in our fitness f[r]amily. We'd love to meet you and learn about your unique place in your health journey so that we can deliver the best service possible while you are in our care.